The Facts

The problem. 

Today, the rates of obesity in the Los Angeles county are too high. Take a look at the statistics below to see why Health Takes The Lead is so necessary in our community. 

Education is Everything

Education and obesity go hand in hand; here's why.

In the 2015 Los Angeles county health surveys, 31.8% of people who did not finish high school were diagnosed as obese. Though the percentage may not be shockingly high, it still is the highest percentage out of all education levels. As the educational levels decrease, the level of obesity increases; it's a direct link. By providing educational and informational sessions, we can inform people of what they can do to eat and feel healthy. 

Education's Toll on Obesity

All information gathered from 2015 LA County Health Surveys.

Health Disparities: Why do they matter?

The relationship between status and access is crucial.

As of 2015, 43% of families living at 0-99% of the Federal Poverty Level reported difficulty accessing medical care, the highest percentage of all levels. This number is too high, and we want to change that. By scheduling multiple sessions a week at easily accessible times, we can allow families to receive the attention and care that they deserve. 

Status = Access

All information gathered from 2015 LA County Health Surveys.

What are we doing about all this?

Easy. Through education and awareness, we can inform families of what they can do to live a healthier lifestyle. With the help of registered dietitians, we will provide free sessions to eligible families where they can learn firsthand how and what they can do to eat and feel healthy. Not only will they learn about eating healthy, but they will learn how to do it without breaking the bank.